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A single diamond necklace can cost into the millions.  Owning the domain name that defines every diamond necklace is beyond compare.
Find a profitable domain for your business.
Shop 100+ premiere gem & jewelry names from our personal collection.


Shine brighter than your competitors with a powerful identity which is easy to remember and instantly recognizable. Learn a new way of branding with premiere domain names.


Explore the values and profitability of domain names, and learn how they are determined.  These exceptional domain names are designed to  increase your business presence online.


Meet entrepreneurial couple Abigail Harris and Maxam Magnata, portfolio founders and  leaders in creative gem dealing. Discover the powerful story behind the success of premiere domain names.


An instantly-recognizable online identity can be the difference between a sale and a missed opportunity.


Our easy-to-remember domain names help you establish a unique, compelling, and unmistakable online presence.

Premium domain names for leading gem & jewelry brands, from the personal collection of seasoned industry veterans.


Each domain name:

  • ends with ".com", the preferred address for companies anywhere in the world

  • is product-specific to the gem & jewelry industry

  • can translate to many other industries


Drivers of Online Traffic

Almost every domain name listed receives direct hits, even without advertising.

This direct, “type-in” traffic circumvents search engines, attracting customers of such high interest that they bypass Google in hopes of getting straight to the product source.

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