top of page Highest Selling Gem Domain in 2017

The highest price of a publicly recorded gem domain in 2017 was, which sold for $125,000, to a prominent colored gemstone company.

The domain name purchase is part of a continuing trend of established gem & jewelry companies purchasing product-specific gem domains to strengthen their online and e-commerce prominence . (See our previous blog post about Canadian mining company CDN Jade Mine Resources purchasing for $1.25 million.)

The sale was published in leading domain industry news journal 'Domain Name Journal' recording the full sale price and date of sale.

Another precious gemstone domain name owned by a prominent jewelry company is, owned by Kay's Jewelers.

Indeed, many of the world’s most prestigious brands use the power of "exact match" domains to connect consumers with their specific product lines.

A number of well-known companies are expanding beyond their individual brand's web addresses to highlight their specialty with specific product domains for a particular niche.

A few examples include clothing brand Ralph Lauren owning and Media company Conde Naste owns, auto manufacturer Honda owns and international food company Nestle's owns

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