A domain isn’t just an address; it’s an identity.


A domain is like a name: it shapes how you’re perceived and what kinds of customers you’ll attract.


Attracting the right customers requires the right domain name. What better destination for high-end diamonds than, say, Or for blue sapphires than


Like the street numbers and address that first greet a home’s visitors, a domain name forms a first impression for visitors online. And this first impression becomes a foundation of your identity.


An instantly recognizable domain name creates immediate connection between your brand and what you offer to the world.


Simplicity is Key


Domains that double as “dictionary words” have shown to be a valuable investment in the online world of business.


Like a collectible, antique, or piece of intellectual property, value is often associated with quality, age, and rarity.

Making up Words is a Very Expensive Investment


The Twitters and Facebooks of the world

required millions of dollars in marketing and advertising

to gain name recognition.

Yet words like “diamond” are learned in first grade, and thus require no branding campaigns for recognition.


Leveraging these familiar words for your company’s online identity can save countless advertising dollars.

The Power of Association

A good name has a psychological impact. The word “diamond” carries with it decades of memories and associations. We remember Marilyn Monroe declaring that, “diamonds are a girl’s best friend,” and hum along to the tune of John Lennon and the Beatles singing, “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.”


These words as a familiar to us as an old friend -- familiarity that is a powerful force for branding.

In fact, a number of industry jewelry companies own “keyword word” domains, including:


Indeed, many of the world’s most prestigious brands use the power of key-wor domains to connect consumers with their own product lines:


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