Who are we, exactly?
We're Abigail Harris and Maxam Magnata, two entrepreneurs who fell in love with each other twenty-five years ago and have been on a magnificent, gem-infused journey ever since.
Our gemstone company has specialized in delivering fresh innovation to the jewelry trade through the sourcing of the some of world’s most unique stones. And our patiently curated portfolio of jewelry-specific domains offers premium online real estate to the gem & jewelry industry’s most revered brands.
Maxam Magnata and Abigail Harris exhibiting at JCK Las Vegas

Abigail and Maxam, exhibiting at JCK Las Vegas [AGTA pavillion]


As annual exhibitors at JCK Las Vegas and AGTA's Tucson Gem Shows, we reveled in offering inspiration to cutting-edge creatives. Our jewelry customers have included esteemed award winners, revered industry leaders, and dazzling local artisans.


Our customers have sent us around the world, getting our hands dirty as we scoured the globe for glistening rocks in far-flung locales. Our primary target: rough stones ready to be transformed into delightful gems for our enthusiastic customers.

Maxam Magnata buying rubies in Thailand

Maxam buying rubies in Thailand, mid-1970's

Maxam started trotting the globe early, taking inspiration from Henry Miller and leaving university at UC Berkeley in hopes of becoming a writer. Instead, he became a precious gem dealer, specializing in star rubies and alexandrite.

Gem mining, Brazil, 1980's

Later, Maxam traded his precious stone collection for new adventure, selling choice mineral specimens to specialty collectors as he explored the Amazon.


Maxam Magnata adventuring in the Amazon Brazil

Adventuring in the Amazon, Brazil, 1980's

Meanwhile, Abigail was falling in love with gemstones while taking in the majesty of Yosemite’s granite cliffs and backpacking through the high-country of the Sierra Nevada.

Abigail hiking with friends, Glacier National Park, Montana, age 22

It was later that she met Maxam, during a casual drop-in to his retail store in Marin County, California. Intoxicated by the mix of natural gems and Amazonian headdresses, Abigail met her future husband, and a whirlwind of a courtship soon followed.

A few years after, she left her role as events director for a non-profit agency to bring her professional skills to Maxam's fledgling wholesale cabochon gem business, thus birthing a partnership that still exists to this day.


The days were spent selling semi-precious gems to the designer jewelry market. We were among the first to produce and sell a titanium-coated drusy gemstones, a stone that borrowed a coating devised by NASA to protect spaceships from high heat. The gemstone genre took the market by storm.


Ad from the Tucson Show Guide, 1990's, including titanium-coated drusy quartz. Drusy.com was one of the very first domains we registered.

Maxam Magnata Inc ad for Drusy.com, exhibiting at AGTA Tucson Gem Show

Our Domain Portfolio


We view our portfolio of domain names like the precious metal-coated gems we helped pioneer years ago: a combination of gems, jewelry, and modern technology.

The largest individual collection of high-caliber gem and jewelry domain names available, our portfolio is a gallery of premium domain names, including such desinations as PinkDiamonds.com, 22k.com, DiamondJewellery.com, PearlRing.com, and Tourmalines.com.

We sought out and acquired these domain names in the same spirit with which we went about our gemstone purchases. While we travelled the globe searching for nature’s most unique stones, we simultaneously scoured the web for the finest online identities we could buy.

Mining for Domain Names is Part of our History

When we first started registering domains, the year was 1998. Bill Clinton was the American President, and dial-up internet was cutting edge. A single web page could take minutes to load. Very few gem and jewelry businesses had computers. As a result, almost none had email addresses, and even fewer had websites.


To put the era in context, during the same year that many of our domain names were registered, a couple of guys in California were founding a website of their own: Google.


An Investment in the Future

One afternoon, while listening to a radio broadcast about an exciting new technology called the “world wide web,” Abigail was inspired to register domain names, tapping into Maxam’s wide-ranging gem knowledge for insights about which jewelry industry names to obtain.


After curating a robust catalogue of domain names, our focus returned to our wholesale gemstone business, which took off in short order. We used a few of the domains for our own gem websites, such as WholesaleGems.com and Drusy.com.

This online identity--and the email addresses associated with it--proved to be a powerful psychological force, even attracting the business of one the largest gold jewelry companies in America.

Why We’re Selling

A few years ago, we sold the “brick and mortar” part of our gem business. Now, it’s time to move on from our digital home as well. For the first time ever, the full breadth of our prized collection is being made available to our friends and partners in the industry.


Who We’re Looking For

Even the world’s finest baseball bat has little value in the hands of an unknown, unpracticed amateur. But one placed in the hands of heavy hitter like Babe Ruth or Cal Ripken makes for an unstoppable combination. This same principal applies to domain properties.


We aren’t looking for a quick sale. We’re looking to deliver value. As such, we aren’t interested in selling our domain names to parties who won’t be able to profit from them.

Our domains act as liaisons between the wholesale and consumer industries, competitive tools for customer acquisition. We’re searching for the right industry colleagues who are positioned to capitalize on the value of these assets. 


After all, the right name in the hands of the right company is a recipe for a home run.


How to Get in Touch

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